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A warm welcome to our
 Cattery "Shigaon"​
Seamese ​Oriental Shorthair & Seychellois cats


In our cattery we breed  cats of the Siamese-Oriental

group, namely also Orientals (Mizrahi)

These are very special cats: slender, long-legged  and

elegant, with very short, glossy fur.

Look at their unusual faces: almond shaped eyes, long, inquisitive noses and, of course, their strikingly

large ears which make them look even more exotic!

All Orientals are very active, inquisitive and friendly cats .They love their people, not just the house they live and get foot in.

They are very smart and can be trained. Even in maturity they remain agile and playful.

they get along well with other pets; in fast, Orientals would love to have other four-legged companions to play with!

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